Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping and Hiking

We should think about being kind to ourselves and go on a hiking trip with our camping gear

to get away from it all and just relax a bit. To get in touch with nature, the land, the sky, the trees and the animal life. To give our mind a chance to renew itself and restore strength to our

body. Just the thought of being able to discover the scenery that awaits us, the trails, the woods, the pastures and the fields. To listen to the sound of the wind blowing gently through the trees,

the sound of birds as they make their usual calls and alerts to anything that disturbs them. To

feel the warmth of the sun as the grass and the trees profit from the energy it provides.

We have enough food and water in our backpack to sustain us for awhile. Maybe even a book to read as we sit under the shade of a tree. All of the camping equipment necessary to provide our every need as we enjoy the day. Life can be so good as we enjoy what we have and the freedom to take it all in. We can take off our backpack and sleeping bag and watch the birds and animals get back to their regular business. While we watch their show as we remain still.

Now, to change the subject for a brief moment to face the reality of the situation with our great

country. We are no longer what we used to be. The USA won it's freedom at great cost and

sacrifice. The people that sacrficed their honor and their fortune wound up penniless and in

great hardship as a result. As a result of this freedom and the maintenance of it, we have

become complacent. Now that we are weak with our economy sputtering and inflation raising

it's ugly head - note the cost of fuel, food, health care, and education most of us are feeling the

problem of paying our bills, the devaluation of our homes and the credit cunch. Russia has

invaded Georgia, one of our free nations, and seems bent on trying to regain more of it's former

territory. While at the same time intimidating the U.S. And we are vulnerable to attack when

we are weak. Our military has continued to carry out it's responsibility in a magnificant

manner. I'm not criticizing them. That is our one bright spot.

It is the rest of the country that is suffering. The jobs that are lost, the industrial base has

shifted to the Pacific Basin. We may not have the same industrial ability to rebuild our military

machine the way we did at the beginning of World War II. There just is not much good news

these days.

So, back to camping. we need to get away from the situation of our reality and focus on our

values. What is it that we really want? Isn't it freedom. Yet freedom requires responsibility

not irresponsibility. What will it take to get back to where we need to be? What will it cost?

How much are we going to have to suck it up just to survive?

Well, now it's your turn to respond. All posts are welcome, comments, criticisms, or whatever

is on your mind is appreciated. I think it's time to get back to reality, so I reluctantly pick up

my backpacking gear and sleeping bag and mosey on down the road.